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I Am A Human Angels  I am a human angel

ABALONE - Promotes a connection to the sea.

AGATE- Awakens ones talents.

AGATE BLUE LACE- Spiritual influence on higher chakras.

AGATE MOSS- Stone of new beginnings.

ALEXANDRITE- Reinforces self-esteem.

AMAZONITE- Alleviates worries and fears.

AMBER- Aids the body to heal.

AMETHYST- “Stone of Spirituality”, spiritual wisdom.

APACHE TEAR - Absorbs negative energy, comforts grief.

APATITE- Aids in developing physic gifts.

AQUA AURA- Cleanses the aura.

AQUAMARINE-“Stone of Courage” Peace of mind.

AVENTURINE- Enhances one’s creativity.

BLOODSTONE - Accepting change, stone of courage.

BLUE TOPAZ- Helps you to see the big picture.

CARNELIAN- Optimism and enthusiasm for life

CHRYSOPHRASE- Helps heal a broken heart.

CITRINE- Promotes joy in life, prosperity.

CLEAR QUARTZ- Protection, awakens spirituality.

CRYSTAL- Pureness of heart, amplifies prayers.

DIAMOND- “King of Crystals” Abundance and prosperity.

EMERALD- Strength of character, promotes domestic bliss.

FIRE OPAL- Enhances personal power.

FLUORITE- “Stone of Discernment” Brings spiritual balance and calms emotions.

FUCHSITE- Teaches true self-worth.

GARNET- “Stone of Health” Balances energy field.

GOLD- Virtue, honor, wealth, courage.

GOLDEN HEALER- Profound healing.

GOLDSTONE- Virtue and honor.

HEMATITE- Willpower and concentration

HESSONITE- Provides courage to continue.

INFINITY SYMBOL- The Spirit has no end.

JADE- Tranquility, gentle transitions.

JASPER- “Supreme Nurturer” supports during times of stress.

JASPER RED - Make correct & just choices. LAPIS LAZULI- Encourages taking charge of life.

LAVENDER QUARTZ- Activates spiritual gifts.

MALACHITE- “Stone of Transformation” Leadership ability, inner clarity

MOONSTONE- Energy of  new beginnings

ONYX- Encourages happiness, increases stamina.

OPAL- “Stone of Happy Changes” faith in yourself.

OPAL PINK - Releases old patterns, stone of renewal.

PEARL- “Stone of Sincerity” innocence and forgiveness.

PERIDOT- Assists in relieving burdens and guilt.

PETRIFIED WOOD - Removes trifling annoyances.

QUARTZ- “Stone of Power”

RED JASPER - Make correct & just choices.

RHODOCHROSITE- “Stone of Love”  Friendship, compassion, devotion.

ROSE QUARTZ- “Stone of Love” Enhances all forms of love.

RUBY- “Stone of Nobility” encourages gentleness.

SAPPHIRE- Heals the mind, creative expression.

SERPENTINE - Activates the crown, enhances meditation.

SILVER- Hope, nurturing, female energy.

SMOKEY QUARTZ- Helps to release fear and stress.

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN - Helps release wrong thinking.

SODALITE- Encourages self trust, eliminates confusion.

SUGILITE- Promotes spiritual awareness.

SUNSTONE - Alleviates stress, engergizes the chakras.

TANZANITE- Increases physic power.

TIGERS EYE- Personal empowerment, mental clarity.

TOPAZ- “Stone of True Love and  Success in all Endeavors”

TOURMALINE- Promotes self confidence, brings joy and transformation.

TURQUOISE- Courage to speak the truth.