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Base or Root Chakra (Color: Red)
Location: Base of Spine
Key Words:  “I Have”         Element: Earth
Functions: self-preservation, ability to stand up for self
Qualities/Lessons: grounding, health, courage, security
Challenges:  confusion, low energy, insecurity
To Balance: yoga, dancing, light exercise, restful sleep
Navel or Sacral Chakra (Color: Orange)
Location: two fingers below navel
Key Words:  “I Want ”         Element: Water
Functions: emotions and feelings, creativity, sexuality
Qualities/Lessons: right to feel, giving & receiving, intimacy issues
Challenges:  emotional issues, sexual difficulties, obesity
To Balance: practice forgiveness, love yourself, go out in nature
Solar Plexus Chakra (Color: Yellow)
Location: between naval & breastbone
Key Words:  “I Can”         Element: Fire
Functions: personal power, life purpose, willpower to create
Qualities/Lessons: self-esteem, transformation, mind energy
Challenges:  judgmental, worry, perfectionist, digestive issues
To Balance: focus on self empowerment by taking classes and reading, practice self love, sunshine
Heart Chakra (Color: Green )
Location: center of chest
Key Words:  “I Love ”         Element: Air
Functions: express love, compassion, healing, intuitiveness
Qualities/Lessons: : balance, connects lower and upper chakras, God connection, link between mind/body & spirit, coping with loss
Challenges:  fear, self worth issues, resentment, feel unloved
To Balance: : walks in nature, seeing inner beauty in others, love yourself, perform acts of compassion, practice forgiveness
Throat Chakra (Color: Sky Blue )
Location: throat
Key Words:  “I Speak ”         Element: Sound
Functions: communication, truthful expression, inspiration
Qualities/Lessons: : accepting responsibility, ability to trust, releasing emotions, making choices
Challenges:  negative outlook, resists change, can’t make decisions, low self confidence
To Balance: : singing, meaningful conversation, clear communication
Third Eye (Color: Indigo)
Location: between the brows
Key Words:  “I See ”         Element: Light
Functions: Intuition, developing psychic abilities, imagination
Qualities/Lessons: : Taking command of our lives, enables you to see the “bigger picture”, spiritual inner sight, helps heal addictions
Challenges:  afraid of success, forgetfulness, depression
To Balance: : meditation, breath work, star gazing
Crown (Color: Sky Blue )
Location: Violet, white or gold
Key Words:  “I Know ”         
Element: higher expression of all elements
Functions: wisdom and spiritual insight, link with universe & higher consciousness, knowingness, divine inspiration, trust in life
Qualities/Lessons: : peacefulness, spiritual light & energy are received & dispersed to other energy centers, connectedness to all that is
Challenges:  lack of inspiration, self doubt, writers block
To Balance: : focusing on dreams, writing down ones visions, meditation Breath work, spiritual healing such as Reiki

What Are Chakras?

Chakras are the energy centers of the body, our “Spiritual Batteries”, meaning that they store and provide energy. The chakras are similar to wheels in that they are spinning vortexes of energy and each has their own unique qualities. They act as a bridge on which the physical and spiritual worlds meet. The more open and balanced the chakras are the more energy flows through your system.  This energy is essential for vitality, health and continued growth on all levels.  The effects of our habits, feelings, beliefs, thoughts, fears and desires can all be found in our chakras.

     Understanding what energy is, is imperative to understanding the functions of your energy centers or chakras.  1. Energy is dynamic potential. It must move to exist.  2. Energy is a fundamental source of the universe.  It is not possible to create energy or to destroy it.  It is only possible to convert it from one form to another. 

     Each chakra is associated with a particular part of your body.  When your chakras’ are balanced and energy is flowing freely a sense of well-being is achieved.  If there are blocks or the energy is disrupted you can create physical and mental disorders and eventually disease.

     You have many minor chakras’ however there are seven major ones.  They run upward along your spinal column.  The lower ones deal with the physical body and relate to issues of living in this world, such as survival, health, careers and home: while the upper ones deal with psychic abilities and spiritual gifts.  The higher chakras are not better than the lower chakras.  All seven should be in balance so that the flow of energy can travel through them evenly to the appropriate areas.

     Your actions and thoughts play a big part in controlling how your chakras function.  There is a constant flow of energy through your energy centers however it can be increased or decreased depending on how well you balance your life.  For instance; if you’re worrying about finances your lower chakras are likely to be affected negatively by slowing down.  When this happens the energy is weaker and you may feel sluggish or out of sorts.  However, if you’re feeling compassionate towards someone or meditating your upper chakra energy flow creates a sense of balance and vitality.

     I believe that we’re meant to have unlimited energy, be able to tap into our creative talents easily, and live a life of love, joy and peace.  It is possible to have all of this once we turn inward, allowing the natural balance of energy to flow through our “Spiritual Batteries”.   This is where true spiritual transformation begins.  It allows us to experience more of our true divine nature and connects us with the sea of universal life energy.

     Our bodies truly are our TEMPLES.  Let’s respect and honor them as such.