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Aura Station Services

Aura Picture and Mini Reading - $40.00
Intuitive reading on your energy signature.
The Aura Video Station measures your Bio-Data through Biofeedback Sensors. This data is analyzed, processed and correlated with specific emotional-energetic states.

Your Aura-Chakra Photo and Report gives you a colorful, visual and graphical representation of the measured Bio-Data.
"I had a great experience with Jessie when she took my aura photograph. Jessie was informative and explained the process. She took time with what it all meant. I look forward to the next time I have another session. " - Barbara M.  
Be receptive to the
Wisdom within
Aura Pics
"I enjoyed the session with Jessie when I had my Aura photographed. There was surprising news to me. " - Forrest M.
Your Aura Chakra Analysis will tell you several things including:
*Aura Color which reflects your personality type and traits
*Size of Your Aura which is an indicator of how much energy you radiate around you
*Your Energy Centers or Chakras will help determine the correct product or treatment you need to create greater balance and higher energy in your life.
*Your Mind-Body-Spirit Graph gives you an overview of how your energies are distributed between body, mind and spirit.
*State of Mind-Body Graph displays your overall mind/body condition and is based on your body temperature (Stressed vs Relaxed)
*Your Energy Level and Energy Balance
*Much Much More...